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Sure, gyms aren’t that bad, but they’re expensive, and you aren’t always guaranteed to find a personal trainer (or a gym) that you enjoy. You might also not be able to afford the insane prices some personal trainers charge. That’s why we put together 5 reasons why workout videos will help you get in shape better and faster.

#5: Forget Those Inconvenient Opening Hours.

Don’t be locked into the gym’s schedule and opening hours. Instead, do your workout videos at home, at the park, or anywhere you want, really. And it doesn’t matter if you feel like working out at 6am or midnight — the videos are always ready.

#4: Don’t Wait For A Trainer.

If you don’t know exactly how to do a certain move, you have to go ask someone at your gym. Trainers are usually busy, and even if they aren’t, there’s still a good chance they won’t know exactly what you’re asking. With good workout videos, the instructions (and alternate moves) are built-in.

#3: Never Hurts To Double (or triple!) Check.

No qualms about rewinding workout videos over and over until you get the exact move down pat. Some qualms, however, about asking a personal trainer — over and over — exactly how to do your favorite move.

#2: Few Gyms, Hundreds of Videos.

If you pay an expensive personal trainer, they can tailor a program to you. But if you’re just going to the gym, you might have to figure it out on your own. Whereas if you tailor a program of workout videos to yourself, you can get the best (almost) of both worlds.

#1: Easy on the Eyes.

Sure, it may be a frivolous concern, but there’s something about a beautiful personal trainer (of any gender) that helps a lot of people get motivated. And there are a lot of great workout videos out there featuring some very beautiful ones.

Fitness videos, nutrition information and sound advice is all you need to get you into shape and enjoy a fit and fine body!

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