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by Amanda Russel

An all time favorite Cinderella is back again with more or less the same tactics. The storyline is as authentic as it can get; it sticks firmly to the roots. But thats how most romantic musicals are supposed to be, if not a fair dash of comedy sprinkled in. Its just that extra that imparted Another Cinderella Story a touch above the usual fairy tale; its a set-up within the modern day world.

Now, how impressive is an old wine in a new bottle? Very much; but this is a movie we are talking about and if you know where the storyline is heading towards, that takes off more than half of the pleasures. However, there are people who like to run the same experiment within varying environments just to see the outcome; if you are one among them, then Another Cinderella Story is going to make up for your lonely weekends. At least, it shall keep you busy comparing the differences and staying busy is the best way to cut monotony or depression out. Let us see what Another Cinderella Story has on offer. Though predictable, it is how the course of events leads to the ending that keeps a viewer stick to the screen. Funny but decent, actress Selena Gomez puts in a lot through her acting talents; so much, that she draws the entire attention upon her from the movie.

Another Cinderella Story heavily relies on its funny and decent course of events, though actress Selena Gomez deserves credits for keeping the viewer glued. Her acting talents draw the entire viewer attention big time and so do her stepsisters; they are awkward and amusing, enough to cast out the gloom in the months last weekends. The rest of the characters…well, why dont you just find that out?

Heres the basic start of the movie: Our prince charming sees the girl of his dreams dancing in a costume ball party and falls desperately in love with her. But as fate would have it, she has to get back home on time so she leaves in a hurry. Our prince is only left with a zune, which she left behind in her flutter. So he has to find who the girl of his dreams really is and thats what makes the rest of the story. Youd rather be better off watching this movie at home, than shelling greens to rent a DVD, or even worse, driving around finding a DVD store that HAS the DVD! You can find the movie among collections of those online movie databases that let you watch Another Cinderella Story online free. As far as we see it, this romantic comedy doesnt really have all the charm in it to pull money out of our wallets, so thats what wed do.

There are several websites that have been floated of recent to aid in the distribution of movies by increasing exposure, your personal movie collection can give the local DVD rental business a run for its money. Also, you do not need to worry about picture or sound quality, deleted scenes and the likes; these websites are specially licensed for the purpose and quality control is an important part of it, including the connectivity. If the Internet is working fine on your end, you are away by a few minutes from watching the movie Another Cinderella Story online, one of the many titles that have been put up in fully legitimate ways to the world audience.

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