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Traffic Geyser Review

by Rick Lomas

As far as video submission software companies go, Traffic Geyser is the main player. This technology is vastly improving as Traffic Geyser gleans more experience from tests and tracking and the constant development of their service. If you are using the new ‘Video Lead Page Generator’ system, youll see the relationship between the views you receive, traffic your videos generate and the number of leads you generate all in the same place.

When keywords are used in niche markets and come up first in the listings of organic search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo you are able to take complete control of that search in your market. The thing I really like about Traffic Geyser is the fact that you can pause any of the numerous video tutorials and do what you have to do before continuing with the next step. With a training content which is difficult to beat Traffic Geyser provides an excellent package representing very good value for money.

Every Marketer needs 3 things to Succeed in their business. Number 1: Leads from Targeted Traffic, Number 2: Mindset -They need to have the ability to attract people to their site and spend time their absorbing information. The third thing is the use of marketing tools, for example, opt-in pages, web 2.0 properties to support your site and video and audio. When you are using video marketing, the first of the three aspects of a successful business mentioned above must be obtained.

Traffic Geyser notes that you can “Zero in on your target market like a smart-bomb and magnetically attract them to your website, your pitch, and your shopping cart”. However, this can not be achieved if you do not have any valuable content and simply appear to be a commercial to the viewer. There is no doubt, as Joel Comm. along with many other top internet marketers have said, that CONTENT is King!

Traffic Geyser also made it simple You can use pictures and a phone and your VIDEO is done.. this is for the camera shy, but I think eventually you will get the courage to put your face on camera. You eventually need to get over some of the small things like being shy, do you want to make a little money or do you want to make serious money?

Search engines are constantly looking for new uploaded videos and content, so your Fresh videos on the dozens of Video Sites are being filtered through to be placed on Organic Search Engine Rankings. Also, the pay per click ads on the right of the web page on the 1st page Google are generally not trusted, so you really need to be in the organic results. It has been shown that the most trusted spot on Google is the spot at the top of the organic results.

Traffic Geyser is a Video Submission Service which places your videos on video sharing sites. This software, however, differs from other video submission services in that it puts your videos on more video sharing sites than any other service. There is also another critical difference between Traffic Geyser and the rest and this is the fact that Traffic Geyser has been created by guys who are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts. They have the knowledge to be able to put your business on Google’s first page and draw traffic to your website.

I must also mention some really cool features that Traffic Geyser has that sets it apart from any other video submission service. Traffic Geyser also submits to blogs and social bookmarking sites and very cleverly strips off the audio from your video and submits it to podcast directories too. In 2008 the new ‘Multiple Submission Feature’ was introduced, which means that you can upload your file once and Traffic Geyser can submit the same video as many as four (twelve in the platinum version) times. You can tell Traffic Geyser to submit immediately, in a day, week month or schedule the delivery for any date or time in the future. You can change the titles, descriptions and tags for your videos so your videos get ranked for different keywords. Traffic Geyser automatically ‘transcodes’ your video into different formats so they arent recognized as duplicates.

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