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If you love to write but you also love anything that is fashionable and anything about traveling, it is a good idea to create a travel fashion blog. You can write about clothes and stuff like that while you are traveling somewhere. There are so many topics that you can consider writing about.

One of the best things about blogs that focus on two interests is that there are just so many possible topics out there. A good example of this is clothes you can wear for traveling. Others can talk about what most people are wearing for the season.

Another topic that is worth tackling would be the different places one can buy clothing in a certain place. This would be very useful since many would like to know which stores and stalls to visit once they get there. You can share the new or those hidden stores that have wonderful items.

Shopping tips would also be something that you can write about. There are many bloggers who would make an article about the shopping etiquette in a certain place. You can also recommend items that are worth buying whenever someone will take a vacation somewhere.

If there is a good designer living in that area, conducting an interview piece is also a good thing. Those who love fashion are always on the look out for new and budding designers. Writing about a new designer is also going to be a big help to his business.

Clothes are items that will always be connected with a person’s culture. If you are on a vacation, you can make something about clothes and their history. This kind of topic is something that is interesting and very informative.

A travel fashion blog would be a good way to express yourself. This will help you share to everyone what your passion in life is. This also helps to connect with those who love same things that you do.

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