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Change is inevitable but surely there is no industry where trends change as fast and as sudden as the fashion industry. Trends in Europe or elsewhere quickly find their way across the ocean and often have a marked influence on South African clothing. Trends are not followed slavishly, however, and there is always a local flavor to the dress of the locals.

The climate of the country plays a very big role in what people wear. Summers can be very hot and winters are generally mild, especially when compared to the extreme cold typically experienced in the Northern hemisphere. Apparel therefore ends to be manufactured from lightweight materials and even winter dress would be considered totally unsuitable for wear in Europe and the USA.

One of the unique aspects of this country is its rich cultural diversity and heritage. Many different cultures live side by side and traditional uniform is worn proudly. In addition, fashion is often influenced by cultural factors and there are many instances of borrowing between the various cultural groups. This often results in interesting trends.

It is only natural that international trends find their way into local designs and fashions. In most cases, however, local designers make changes to such designs to accommodate the climate and the materials available. Imported clothes remain popular, however, especially amongst those that focus on being trendy and with it.

What people wear in the RSA is not completely dictated by international fashion dictates and cultural heritage. The country is home to many talented and even renowned designers. Many top models and celebrities wear outfits designed by South Africans. Trends such as the use of animal prints and geometrical designs that are popular all over the world have their origin in the RSA.

The fashion industry in this country has a rich and long history but at present the manufacturing side is experiencing trouble due to the import of cheap Eastern apparel. The government of the country has not done much to protect the industry. Unless measures are taken, the South African clothing industry may decline to the point of insignificance.

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