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You probably already know the advantages of having a bag to carry all your necessities in, especially if those necessities include your wallet, your keys, your cellphone, hand lotion, sunblock, a tube of lipstick, a hairbrush, tissues, tampons, a notebook and pen and various other things that you just can’t leave home without. You probably also know that if you carry all these necessities in a bag made of fabric, that bag soon starts wearing thin and frayed. Of course you can get a bag made of animal hide instead, but a more ethical and economic option would be to invest in one of the many faux leather handbags available.

In the past, no fashionista worth her salt would be caught dead with a bag made of faux leather. It looked cheap and artificial, after all. These days, however, it is much easier to get away with fake, not only because it is easier to justify ethically and economically, but also because manufacturers are producing more realistic looking and feeling materials.

More people are looking for alternatives to animal products, especially as vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more common. Animal-rights groups have also been putting pressure on the fashion industry to become cruelty free as more information becomes available about the practices involved in getting animal skin. Consumers are increasingly aware of the real cost of what they’re buying and the impact this has on the world. As such, they are more inclined to use their spending power to dictate to the fashion industry instead of the other way round.

Consumers don’t only think with their conscience, however. They also think with their pocket. This is why many consumers opt for synthetic products. These cost less to manufacture and cleaning and caring for them are usually much cheaper too.

There are different materials that can be used to produce artificial animal skin. Most of these are made of some kind of synthetic product, like PVC, polyurethane or acrylic. Some materials are made from a natural fiber like cotton which is then covered with a thin layer of the synthetic product, usually PVC.

Synthetic materials can be bad for the environment, however. Since most of them are plastic based, they depend on the petrochemical industry, which has an enormously negative environmental impact. In addition, they break down over a very long time period compared to the time it takes natural materials to degrade.

Of course the length of time that synthetic materials take to break down is not all bad. Products made of these materials can last a long time while natural fibers can degrade quickly if not taken proper care of. In addition, they are recyclable and in fact often made with recycled materials like food containers.

There are more environmentally friendly materials that are karma-free yet have the appearance and texture of real hide. Cork is used to make a product called cork leather, for instance, while kelp is the main source of so-called ocean leather. Finding these products can be difficult though. They can also be prohibitively expensive.

The great thing though is that no matter what type of material you decide on if you want to switch to faux leather handbags, you can have your pick of styles. Carry-all totes are popular for everyday use, but it’s always a good thing to have something smaller and more elegant for formal occasions. Since you’re saving on the cost of the bags already, you might as well take one of each.

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