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when you see somebody dressed in the islamic clothing fashion abaya one may sometimes form the wrong idea about the individual. It is a good idea to hold your judgment until you have a good understanding of either the individual or the religion that inspired the fashion. Having a better understanding of this religion and what it stands for can provide you with a better foundation for your perception.

There exist many incorrect perceptions about this belief system. Is is best to perform research about the ways that these misconceptions can impact society. Having an idea of this can go a long way towards preventing harmful misunderstandings.

One of the grave misunderstandings regarding the religion that all people who practice this religious doctrine are arabs. This is far from the case as a lot of members of this religion are from other races. In reality only 15% of his religion is composed of muslims.

There are also misconceptions regarding the perception by muslims of jesus by the religions members. There’s an understanding sometimes that prevails that they do not believe that jesus as a viable religious figure. This is not the case as he is actually perceived in this religion as a very important figure. In actuality you cannot be truly muslim and less. The police of christianity. Most people do not know this.

Another misconception about the religion is that the members of this belief system are intolerant. This is not true and a lot of the tenets of this religion actually advocate for tolerance of other religions. Historically people of other religions have converted to islam as a result of tolerance that the members of the religion have shown to them.

Another incorrect understanding is how the members of this religion understand the word jihad. In other societies there is the believe that this word stands specifically for war. In actuality it is not true and a lot the time it basically means that the individual needs to strive in the name of their god.

Another incorrect belief about muslims is that they are barbaric. This is far from the case and a lot of the rules in the muslim religion are very tolerant of its members and other individuals. Some rules even extend this tolerance to animals. One such is the requirement that members of the belief system do not destroy the flock of their enemies.

Yet another misunderstanding regarding the religion is that the women of that religion have absolutely no rights. Embedded into the rules of the religion are requirements that women be treated in a respectful fashion. Before the religions popularity women in the areas where it had not gained popularity were treated a lot more disrespectfully.

If you see somebody wearing the islamic clothing fashion abaya it is a good idea not immediately form perceptions that may be entirely wrong. Educating yourself on the individual rather than forming a broad-based misconception is a good idea as well. When you do this you will be participating in the fostering of a much more tolerant society.

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