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Whale Fest Kodiak

Here is an Alaskan festival that is more on the focus for wildlife than anything else. The Whale Fest Kodiak.

The Whale Fest Kodiak is a week-long event that features the whales in their natural habitats. Commonly featured are the orca and the gray whales that pass through the small island of Kodiak, in Alaska. It’s more of a festival on the small scale, featuring several lectures about the whales, art shows and galleries, movie features, activities by the local schools and by the community as a whole.


Economy: Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s economy is based upon the industry of food manufacturing and production, aircraft development and natural gas extraction. Natural gas is abundant in Oklahoma, ranking the entire state second in the national standings. As for agriculture, Oklahoma competes with a 27th-ranking place, with 5th in rankings for wheat production. Oklahoma has also been rated as one of the most business-friendly states in North America, with tax burdens ranking as the nation’s 7th lowest. Oil accounts for at least seventeen percent of Oklahoma’s major economic shifters, but the industry was outpaced at the start of 2007 due to a collapse in the energy industry.

Every individual has talent, that’s for sure. Some are quite talented at sports, some are handy in the kitchen. A select few have interests and hobbies that most people haven’t heard of before. These keep us surprisingly unique from one another. It is another one of the qualities that separate us from other species.

Of these hobbies, however, the art of making crafts is arguably the most rewarding of the selection. Due to the fact that the creator produces something that is three-dimensional and durable. Quite unlike food that gets eaten up, or sports that are for mostly for spectators, handcrafted items will last long after you are gone.

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New Yorkers see the world through eyes that have seen it all. This makes it difficult to start up a new business venture in this city. The whole state has that “been there, done that” attitude that keeps them from being enthusiastic from unexpected events. If they ever chance on a piece of art that is awesome, they will probably not show that they’re excited about it.

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New Hampshire has always been a State apart. As a fiercely independent state, it has broken off from the hands of Great Britain, six months prior the thirteen first states banding together to form the first bunch in the United States. To this day, people in New Hampshire strive to keep their independence. Their motto is, “Live free, or die trying.”

More or less, the world has settled down from those turbulent times, but we still maintain our capability to live independently. Because of this, a lot of people from New Hampshire try their hand at business. Even I have come to relish being my own boss, and I have found countless opportunities to do so, in the Craft Fairs of New Hampshire.

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New Yorkers have seen it all; that alone makes it difficult to start a business in the city. The whole state, even, possesses this melancholic attitude that keeps them from being surprised by the unexpected. If they ever find a crafts piece that they feel would be amazing and exciting, they will not show it outwardly at all.

Yet, there are hundreds upon hundreds of craft fairs that happen in New York each year. Close to a thousand, in fact. This is because of the same reasons; New Yorkers have seen a lot of things and experiences, and there are just as numerous events that commemorate them. If you’re an aspiring craftsman or artisan, then these places are just what you’re looking for.

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The people of Missouri are well known for being skeptics; they are not one to be swayed by eloquent words. No matter how much one tries to convince them that something is worthwhile, one must first show them if it is indeed worth it. For this reason, the state’s motto has become “Show Me”.

The people of Missouri are more in tune with the tangible things, rather than the ideal. I’m not saying Missourians aren’t spiritual or religious; them being skeptical applies only to the everyday matters, not the spiritual. So, naturally, they involve themselves in crafted works of different levels.

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Even with the extreme temperatures during the different season Arizona is still one state that you can go to and do so many things in. With all the sites to see, things to do and places to visit it’s no wonder that even residents find something to make them busy. Whether you’re visiting or staying Arizona has something to offer you.

The Grand Canyon is one of the main attractions in Arizona. You can’t make a trip here or live here without having seen it. With its size, color and beauty you will be amazed. You can choose to view this natural wonder through your hotel or lodge, or you can also opt to take a hike and see everything up close and personal.