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Cupcakes are beloved by everyone regardless of what your age is, and making them can be much more fun. Decorating all of them is easy, and with all the ideas out there as far as decorating them goes, there’s sure to end up being something for everyone. Where do you begin finding ideas on how you can decorate your cupcake?

It may seem easy to enhance your cupcakes, however, you have to think about so many things. Do you want all of them plain, with sprinkles, extravagant or casual, and what type of celebration are they for? Are they for any wedding or for the kid’s birthday party? You cannot just take frosting as well as add some random colour blobs on them. Be creative making your cupcakes stand out from the rest.

Whenever two men are trying to win the heart of one girl there is always a duel. Jacob and Edward are the classic rivals of this. Throughout the Twilight Saga, Bella seems to switch between the two of them, although her heart always belongs to Edward. As the Twilight movies have hit the theaters there has been a dramatic change in the sales of Twilight lifesize standups.

If you were to ask a football fan to name the best two quarterbacks in the league, you’d likely be told that Drew Brees and Peyton Manning earn this distinction. Through the course of the season, these two players led their teams to many wins, and ultimately the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are believed by many to be the best two quarterbacks in football. Typically drafted before any others in fantasy leagues, the two of them are reliably consistent year in and year out, giving their teams the best offensive units in football. When they go head to head at this year’s Super Bowl, we’re going to see a battle of quarterbacks above all else.


Discount Billy Elliot

Music successfully reaches across all barriers. Going to a musical is always one thing that most look forward to. Well, now you’ve got your excuse. The Billy Elliot Broadway Show is continuing to bring in applause. The story was originally written by Lee Hall in the year 2000 and the music was given by Elton John. Even as a movie, it was critically acclaimed as one of the best.

The story is set in a fictional town called Everington in Country Durham, UK. The hero, Billy is a coal miner’s son who becomes aware gradually that he was meant to pirouette. The broadway show clearly depicts the working class struggles and day to day living life style. This story is a definite tear-jerker.


Hair On Broadway

Musicals have their own charm, be it television shows, films or broadways. the enjoyment is immense. ‘Hair’, based on The Tribal American Love is a rock based musical. Written by James Rado, it was based on the counter-hippie culture and sexual revolution which was existed back in the 60’s. The lyricist was Gerome Ragni and music composer Galt MacDermot.

Hair Broadway took the broadway shows to a new level by depicting illegal drug usage, nude scenes, sexuality and irreverence of the American flag. It was the first musical in the rock genre. Several songs from this musical were taken as anthems for the peace movement and anti-Vietnam War.


All About High School Musical

It’s every teenager’s movie, loads of awesome music and absolutely enthralling screenplay, and to keep it going for three parts is an exceptional feat. The first movie in the franchise came out in 2006 and earned accolades for its youthful storyline. They didn’t need to sell high school musical Tix, it was a success without them; the film was viewed by 225 million people worldwide and won the Emmy award. The movies feature Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as central characters who go about their extremely musical high school days facing unprecedented conflicts. High school musical 2 was released in 2007, and this much awaited sequel got an even greater reception. High school musical 3: senior year made it 3 hits in a row for Disney.


Whale Fest Kodiak

Here is an Alaskan festival that is more on the focus for wildlife than anything else. The Whale Fest Kodiak.

The Whale Fest Kodiak is a week-long event that features the whales in their natural habitats. Commonly featured are the orca and the gray whales that pass through the small island of Kodiak, in Alaska. It’s more of a festival on the small scale, featuring several lectures about the whales, art shows and galleries, movie features, activities by the local schools and by the community as a whole.


Economy: Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s economy is based upon the industry of food manufacturing and production, aircraft development and natural gas extraction. Natural gas is abundant in Oklahoma, ranking the entire state second in the national standings. As for agriculture, Oklahoma competes with a 27th-ranking place, with 5th in rankings for wheat production. Oklahoma has also been rated as one of the most business-friendly states in North America, with tax burdens ranking as the nation’s 7th lowest. Oil accounts for at least seventeen percent of Oklahoma’s major economic shifters, but the industry was outpaced at the start of 2007 due to a collapse in the energy industry.