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Your crowning glory paints a revealing picture of your overall state of health. Hair loss is often the first indication of trouble. Hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease, stress, medications including chemotherapy, aging and genetics can influence balding. Estimates reveal that 1 in 5 women are affected by this condition. In the U. S., almost 20-million women, with 40% under 40-years old, show signs of thinning or loss. Human hair wigs NYC create a healthy, natural look and feel for living life without compromise.

Balding affects both men and women. It can be temporary, with flares and remissions or permanent. Either way, balding is a traumatic, psychological blow that impacts ego, self-confidence and sense of well-being.

Our hairstyle is one of the first things people notice. Societal influences associate full, long locks with youth and sex appeal. Wigs made from 100% real, healthy keratin create the most natural look for restored confidence in your appearance.

There is no comparison between natural replacement systems and synthetic knock-offs. The real deal is comprised of pure, 100% authentic keratin strands for the full, lustrous range of variegated striations of hues and tones. Caught in any light level, human hair wigs NYC, appears as if you grew it yourself. Synthetic, although less expensive, offers far less quality with Barbie doll, fibrous strands.

Natural mane replacement systems are available as processed and unprocessed. Processed are generally less expensive and constructed of black, usually Chinese, Indian or Indonesian selections. Styling, bleaching or coloring is part of the manufacturing process. The unprocessed version offers finer quality that requires no chemical processing and is, accordingly, more costly. Both replacement varieties can be washed, styled and dried like normal locks.

Real keratin wigs respond well to styling performed with heated appliances at low-settings. Washing and drying is accomplished just like normal manes. It is advisable to leave color changes to a professional colorist. The natural replacement systems will behave exactly as any real keratin with identical results due to weather conditions or with being left on during sleep. Synthetic systems cannot be styled and remain ‘as is’. Heat destroys synthetic fibers, leaving only frizz. Shampoo and shake for synthetic to return to original style.

The highest quality, state-of-the-art, human hair wigs NYC will be more costly than the synthetic version. This investment is seen in a superior weave that looks natural under all lighting, is strong enough to withstand styling with heat and durable enough to sleep in, wear everyday and remain beautiful for many years. Designed for a weightless fit, luxury look and feel to suit each personal predilection, nothing else compares.

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