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Now you can get screen printing done for affordable prices in Wheeling WV. Screen printing Wheeling WV labs will give you high quality screen prints for your needs. Do a search on the internet for the many reliable and professional Wheeling WV screen printing services.

Screenprinting is a printing technique that uses a stencil that blocks ink from the mesh it is supporting. The stencil allows the transfer of the ink to go through the open areas of the stencil with the use of a squeegee or fill blade. The ink is forced onto the substrate by the squeegee or fill blade making a sharp edged image.

Possibly the most well known type of screenprinting is silk screenprinting. This uses more or less the same technique as screen printing except a very fine polyester mesh is used, creating beautiful results. In the past silk was used but now polyester is used instead as it is cheaper and just as effective. Multi-colored prints can be made by using multiple silk screens. Silk screenprinting is also known as serigraph printing or seriography. This form of screenprinting is used within the fine arts as it produces very beautiful results.

The earliest form of stencil printed can be traced as far back as 960AD in China, and was pioneered by the Song Dynasty. It gradually became widespread throughout Asia and screenprinting became the main printing method. Due to lack of silk mesh it did not reach Europe until the late 1800s.

Andy Warhol used screenprinting to produced some of his most iconic works of Art. This includes the famous Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe Prints. He popularized silk screenprinting in modern art and is still used today.

Many different industries use screen printing. This include, the textile industry, fashion, graphics for skate and snowboards, . Medical equipment, fine art and more. It is also used for printing the circuit boards inside electronic equipment, such as mobile phones and computers. The process is now highly advanced and computers are used to control high end industrial printing.

Screenprinting offers more versatility than other printing techniques. For example, etching and lithography needs to be carried out under pressure with a planar surface. Different materials can be printed on, using a range of different inks. Materials include, ceramics, wood, textiles, plastic, paper, glass and metal.

A screenprinting press is used to produce multiple prints of the same design. This is perfect for textiles, clothes, or for signs and displays. Industrial screenprinting presses are very fast and do not require much manual labour.

There is no shortage of companies and services in Wheeling that will be able to meet your requirements. Whether you want some t-shirts designed to advertise your business or just want something for an individual project, you will be able to find just the company with screenprinting services that are perfect for you. Companies will also have industrial presses for mass production.

If you are requiring screenprinting services, why not checking screen printing Wheeling WV? They’re a plenty of excellent companies in the city that can offer exactly what you need. Do a search online for the screen printing services in Wheeling and get screen prints for your business or personal use.

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