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Do legal movie downloads really exist? Until relatively recently, legal movie downloads have not existed on the Internet in any major way. All that is changing fast as many companies and websites are offering legal movie download products.

If you consider downloading pirated videos, not only are you breaking the law and risking getting into trouble, including the possibility of a large fine, but you also leave yourself open to getting malicious software and your computer. Many unscrupulous users use the websites where you find the pirated videos to lace their software with viruses. These viruses will harm your computer.

However, convenience is by far the biggest advantage of movie downloads, simply because you don’t have to go all the way to your video store just to find what you want. Also, if you order online and wait for delivery, you can be waiting quite a few days and then there can be problems with the mail, making experience even more frustrating. However, the convenience factor when it comes to movie downloads is an absolute godsend for many of us.

As you can probably imagine, downloading movies is a lot more convenient than going down to your local store, where you probably won’t even be able to find what you want anyway. Particularly if you have slightly unusual tastes, you will find that your local movie store often does not have what you are looking for.

Of course another very viable alternative is to order the movies online and get them sent you by the post but this is both time consuming and expensive. If you have a good Internet connection, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t download movies online. However, there are a few worries that people have which puts them off.

If you have monthly download limits, then you want to pay attention to this. Most monthly download limits will easily allow you to download a few movies a month, but if you don’t have a monthly download limits you can download as much as you want, which is ideal. This is even truer if you are getting high definition movies, which are much bigger in file size.

There are many different formats available as well. Nonetheless, there are only a few formats available which actually work on most players. For example, if you were to download DivX movies, for which most of them are, you should be able to play the more on all sorts of different machines.

If you download DivX movies, you should be up to burn them to a conventional DVD and watch them on any basic DVD player. This is extremely useful of course, and something that most of us who download movies online will want to be able to do. Indeed, DivX is even supported on current mobile phones and portable entertainment systems, making it extremely versatile.

Since most of us will want to play these movies on a TV also, you will want to be able to burn your download to a DVD. This is a great way to build a movie library without spending tons of money.

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