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Kanye West Is An Idiot

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by Mindy Lansdale

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about or seen Kanye West jumping on the stage during this years MTV video awards in the middle of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Now I’m no fan of Taylor (or the MTV video awards for that matter), but really – it was her big moment. As a society, has all respect and decorum been forgotten about? Seems that way, after looking at the lyrics that Kanye uses in his songs. Having already done that myself, and felt dirty for hours afterwards by doing so, I really don’t think it’s that out of character for him.

Which brings me to another point – since when did pop music become such a lifeless joke? Most of the stuff in the charts is lacking in substance. Frankly, it’s all crap. These days I just can’t be bothered with pop music. It probably says something about our culture that we don’t even care to think beyond the shallowest levels in anything that we do. All the majority want is soulless, background music and copies of copies for the rest of their lives.

But I digress, so let’s return to to moronic egomaniac that is Kanye West. Should we be surprised? No. As long as idiocy is rewarded with airplay and publicity, more of the same can be expected. Fame is sought after at all costs even should it be someone elses five minutes of fame that you’re taking. I have no idea why we should take any notice of what these people say or do. There have mostly done nothing that warrants us valuing their opinion.

I know what you’re thinking – who cares what I say or do? Who I am to be giving my opinion?? I love to rant and rave about anything that crosses the circuits in my little brain – whether I’m qualified to comment on it or not.

Maybe I should start writing pop music…

Mindy Lansdale

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