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Credibility is everything. In the cutthroat sector of high fashion, I wanted to maintain mine in order to earn the trust of my peers. It is the key reason why I bought a pen camera recorder to start with.

Covert cams with a built-in DVR record out of the box, virtually like a plug and play device. These do not require installation in any way. In the event that you would like to watch the feed, you only plug the free SD card straight into your computer’s memory card reader or link the video camera to a monitor, like your TV, using the provided RCA cable.

I bought a pen hidden video camera with mini DVR because, as a writer, I normally carry a pen with me. No person will ever think that the pen I’ve got is a nanny cam. This functions as a real pen but records video with audio. And you just need to plug it into your personal computer to recharge it.

Clicking the pen hidden camera is all that it takes to begin recording. This is shaped like an ordinary ballpoint pen as well as has a really sensitive microphone which can record clear sound for as much as a length of fifteen feet. You don’t need to worry about external power supplies, drivers or perhaps a standard port also.

We had a group meeting several days before our department meeting. Needless to say, I recorded everything to make sure that I could write the minutes for down clarification. When the department meeting took place, a team member told an erroneous fact to our department head.

During the break, I approached this teammate and had her view the playback from last week’s group meeting. As soon as the department meeting continued, she corrected herself.

This made our team appear a lot more reliable. Our team leader informed me that I had to keep doing what I did to make sure that data would not get confusing for everyone.

This looked like protecting myself was the least of my own concerns within this competitive fashion magazine market. With my pen recorder, our magazine would certainly reach the top of the bestselling roster in no time.

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