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One of the greatest influences on fashion – ever – is music. Music stars from bands to solo artists have influenced a range of trends and caused a mass of inspiration to designers; some music stars have changed fashion forever and their influence (thanks to the help of creative designers) has never faded from the fashion world.

The biggest influence on the fashion industry from the music sector is the Sex Pistols. In conjunction with Vivienne Westwood they created an influence on fashion that has never died – they not only started the massive rebellion of the punk subculture and Anarchy in the UK but they also left us with safety pins for our jeans, rips, tears, studs and the currently popular military jacket. You’ll probably see refined punk fashions around today but they all came from the Sex Pistols and the now world famous Vivienne Westwood.

If you’re looking at UK fashion take a look at the Spice Girls who, in their prime, influenced Britain with ‘Union Flag’ tops and short skirts. Victoria Beckham from the Spice Girls is still a regular face in the fashion industry at the moment, even though the band has disbanded. David Bowie also pioneered the ‘glitz and glamour’ era of fashion and brought a whole new meaning to weird and wonderful.

And, of course, the 90s brought with it the era of the grunge fashion, which was largely down to rockers of the age and the late Kurt Cobain. Many would attribute this fashion sense to teenagers but the grunge and ‘hardcore’ look is something that can often be seen the latest fashion. Madonna also helped the fashion industry in her prime years as well, bringing a whole new meaning to female fashion with an edgy, rebellious attitude.

The modern music scene and the latest music stars still retain their influence on fashion. JLS as the most recent band to take this role, bring the metro sexual men of the world out and influencing the manly styles of knitted scarves and tight shirts. The fashion world is still held hostage by music – but both industry wouldn’t be here today without each other!

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