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We all have to be honest here – fashion has touched every aspect of the world, every city and every side of culture. There have been some interesting trends set in fashion from movies in particular, or movies that have shocked and rocked the fashion world with dazzling costumes of designs. Some big fashion designers even attribute some of their inspirations to the movies, but just which movie showcase the best fashion?

The 1950 – 1970 Golden Oldies. Rear Window in 1954 helped captured the glamorous and stylish nature of the 50s wardrobe and impressed some fashion gurus out there. The hit movie in 1961, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, also pioneered some fashion trends by bringing in the little black dress fashion style and showing the world the perfect actress to model the perfect clothes – a tall, thin and perfectly shaped lead character which made the movie costumes seem flawless and caused a 60s fashion following.

The movie Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 also caused a rage of clothing sales for the brands who used their clothes in the movie, even despite the violent and controversial nature of the film. It helped showcase some of the key trends in the 60s/70s and boosted the sales of the designers involved. And, of course, our final entrant for the golden oldies is the classic and legendary Grease in 1978 which made men in pink shirts the manliest thing on the planet.

Coming forward a few decades into the modern time we can still find a few movies that have made a mark on fashion. Devil Wears Prada in 2006, though not cited as a particularly great fashion movie, caused a few stirs in the industry. Factory Girl in 2006 however manage to inspire a cult following of fashion designers who were all influenced by the movies wardrobe, which help bring back the fashion statements the movie had highlighted such as the Mod-look wardrobe and the mini-skirt trends of the 1960s (the era the movie was based).

Finally, we have to include Confessions of a Shopaholic. The wardrobe in the film was designed to catch the eye of all fashion lovers and it also takes a well-needed light hearted look at the fashion world, combining style with comedy and mayhem. The movie is brimming with bright colours, high-end designs and some of the best outfits ever composed for a modern movie.

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