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by Evelyn Skymore

Who knew that some of the best of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives could be found right alongside the road? Some of these exceptional places could really be called shacks. While it is doubtful that the Food Network will rename the show to Diner, Drive-ins, Dives, and Shacks, it is truly surprising where they will end up next.

Diners, Driveins, and Dives Seattle, Washington covered an interesting little joint known as Bizzarro Italian Cafe. They weren’t kidding. From the picture featured on the menu to the ambiance to the food combinations, they were being serious when they named their cafe. However, don’t let that be a negative. It’s far from it. With interesting salads, and three simple meat choices, there is more to this establishment than meets the eye.

Guy Fieri has found many of these little roadside stands and so can you. If a restaurant is brave enough to call itself a shack but it exists in a building, does it still count as a shack? Or does it have to meet some other criteria in order to be considered a shack?

Diners, Driveins, and Dives Texas took us to Forth Worth, where the Chef Point Cafe was discovered. What was once a gas station is now a thriving Texas restaurant that offers menu selections that you just can’t get anywhere else. Everything from Escargot and sauteed mussels to a delicious tomato Florentine soup proves that this old Texaco station isn’t churning out the usual gas station microwave meals.

Obviously, we all want to find unique and interesting places, rich with history and good food when we dine out. What Guy Fieri’s diners have done have is brought these most unusual places to our attention. There are many, many sweet little places like these that can be found all throughout the country but sometimes you just want to know that you’re heading toward the coolest place around.

Even if you don’t share the rather impressive appetite that Guy tends to display, you can still benefit your culinary experience through the complex tastes and cooking styles featured throughout the favorite Guy Fieri diners. Just make sure you bring along a portable cooler for the mounds of leftovers you might end up taking home.

Whether you want to find yourself tossing peanut shells on the floor, grabbing the most unique square donut, or eating the largest plate of pulled pork in the world, your vacation plans that follow in the footsteps of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives is one road trip that is beyond imagination until you do it.

As Guy Fieri’s diners have proven over and over again sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and a helping of culinary skill to develop a place where friends are made, stories are shared, and life moves forward thanks to the simple pleasures of sharing good meals and a good time.

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