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Personalized biker shirts are easily available these days thanks to the online stores. However, the reason why not everyone purchases them is that they are extremely expensive. For this reason, even the most avid biking fans steer clear of them. But the good news is that you can now make these at home by using just your shirt and fabric colors.

Bikers are generally found using custom shirts as a way to give out various messages. It is more of like an undying need in them to get their message across to the world. If you think that customizing your shirt is going to be extremely dangerous, than you are highly mistaken. With everything in place, it should not take much time at all. For starters, you must have a plain shirt in your cupboard. But if you do not, than its time for you to go shopping and get yourself one. Make sure that the shirt is either white, or has a dull background. This is because it needs to be used as base and dark colors are just not right.

Going through the tag of your shirt is highly recommended. Doing so would let you know whether the material of your shirt is color friends or not. Moreover, the base should be of such a color that the design would look great on it. Remember, these two factors would play a major role in the appearance of your shirt.

Now, with your purchase in hand, head out to the fabric paint store. While here, you need to pick out some of the trendiest colors that you know would look great on your shirt after it getting personalized. Do not even think of buying paper colors as these would just destroy your clothes. Your sole concentration should merely be on the paint being used.

Once you have got yourself both these items, return back home and go through the internet to find some of the coolest designs around. What interests people most is that they can come up with their own designs as well. If this is the case, than just grab yourself a pencil and paper and draw out a rough sketch just so you can work out how it would look on your shirt.

Intricate drawings and gothic designs are not really cool these days. Customizations of these kinds look rather outdated. However, the placement of text is a great idea too. Put your brain cells to work and formulate the best possible designs.

As soon as you decide the drawing, design or text that you want on your shirt, take the pencil and draw the same over your shirt. This would need exceptionally high artistic skills. Just in case something goes wrong at this point, your shirt would go to waste so make sure that it is neat and tidy and dark enough for your fabric colors to be filled into.

Once you are done making the outline, get your fabric paints out and fill them into the outline that you drew with the pencil. Make sure that you do this very skillfully or the paint would ruin the appearance of your biker shirts. Before ironing the shirt, let it dry for a while and get ready to show it off to the world.

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