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by John Leonard

When new technology is released, we often need help in making a choice. LED televisions are very new technology and the reviews on the sets help you to decide if this is the set for you. After reading the reviews, you may decide you cannot live without one of these new sets, or that your older set will serve just fine. Good LED television reviews help to make satisfied customers.

Older LCD televisions were a vast improvement in size over picture tube or projection sets. They take up much less room. They are almost flat so floor space is freed up. Pictures are good, but could never rival a plasma television.

The back light was the main problem with LCD televisions. In these first sets, florescent tubes provided the back light. These tubes tend to become dim in three to four years and cause the set to have to be replaced. Fluorescent tubes also do not produce a full color range, so some colors are less bright than they should have been to produce the best picture.

The LED television attempts to solve many of these problems. The only real difference in the LED television is the source of back light. LED lamps have become popular in home lighting, Christmas lamps and flash lights. They use very little energy, have a very long life and produce a very bright white light. Some of the home lamps are said to have a twenty year life expectancy. LED lamps do not have the color gaps of florescent tubes. This gives the set a full range of color for television viewing. The problem with LCD televisions was not the LCDs but the florescent lamps.

LED lamps consume less energy than their florescent counterparts. The lower energy usage will eventually make a difference in the total amount of energy consumed by our country.

The final difference is that with LED lighting, television sets can be made much thinner than the three inch deep sets made possible with LCD technology. Sets may soon be available that are only one-half of an inch thick. These sets will lend themselves even more to wall mounting and may need no television stand on which to sit.

LED televisions can have very large screens without the bulk of a projection television. They are great for the football season as well as for viewing movies and television shows.

Do not make the mistake of only looking at someone’s star ratings when looking at television reviews. Be sure that you look at the reasons behind those ratings. Some people have difficulty in giving a bad star rating, yet by reading their review you may find some very important information about the television.

Some people do not have it within themselves to give a perfect score, even if they are extremely satisfied with a product. Read the report to get their true opinion of a product.

Always take time to actually view a television before purchase. Even if you purchase online, visit a showroom to see the product in action. Then you can know if it is the right product for you.

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