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If you are indeed looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right spot. In fact, it’s probably what you don’t know about staying in Las Vegas cheaply that will surprise you.

We all know that after the 70s and the 80s the people who really control the hotels in Vegas made a very conscious decision to become more of a family destination.

And that decision was one of the best ones that could have ever been made when it comes to the hotel business in Las Vegas. For it became the gambling and the shows in Las Vegas that soon took center stage.

No we all know about the bigger hotels in Vegas like the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the Riviera Hotel Las Vegas and even Treasure Island Las Vegas.

But with this new emphasis on hotels for families in Las Vegas came a slew of smaller hotel chains in Vegas that are actually incredibly well appointed.

If you fly into Vegas any time soon, you will start to see the cheap hotels in Las Vegas popping up not on the Vegas strip, but on the main roads from the airport leading to downtown.

You will recognize the major hotel names like the Comfort Inn Lass Vegas, The Holiday Inn Express Las vegas and the Fairfield Inn Las Vegas. These are the trusted names you already know.

But there are some really beautiful hotels near downtown that will surprise you with what they offer.

And while you can stay at one of the cheap motels in Las Vegas, you probably want to know a bit more about the neighborhood before bringing the kids.

The great news is that the hotel business in Las Vegas never sleeps. And with crowds pouring in day and night, more and more cheap hotels in Las Vegas pop open and many are really wonderful.

So if you had wanted to know if there were cheap hotels in Vegas, there are, you just have to keep your eyes and expectations open.

There are some wonderful cheap hotels in Las Vegas. You can even find the best cheap motels in Las Vegas if you need them.. Free reprint available from: Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas: Some Are Just Outstanding.

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