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Ex Bristol boy Justin Lee Collins has been accused of harassing Anna Larkin – his 38 year old former girlfriend – between the months of January and August last year, an accusation for which he is currently standing trial in St Albans.

Justin Lee Collins (known as JLC) started making a name for himself as a stand up comic in 1997, when he was awarded the title of ‘Best New Comedy Act’ at the ’97 Glastonbury music festival. He also reached the finals of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the BBC New Comedy Awards that same year, and continued with stand up until 2002 when he quit to focus on Radio & TV presenting.

Justin’s radio career started in 2003 with a Sunday afternoon show on XFM. He left the station in 2005 to pursue his television career, and went on to become the star of a host of successful shows, including ‘Bring Back’, ‘The Convention Crasher’ and ‘The Friday Night Project’.

In 2005 Justin was selected to present the E4 companion show to the series ‘The Games’ called ‘The Games: Live at Trackside’. Both the show and Justin proved to be a success, with the show continuing for two seasons until ‘The Games’ was stopped.

Justin’s first really successful prime time programme was ‘Bring Back’, a show in which Justin and his team would travel around the world attempting to re-unite cast members from popular TV series of the seventies and eighties. The show had a very rough-and-ready edge to it, making it an instant hit with audiences.

After ‘Bring Back’ came ‘The Convention Crasher’ in which Justin attended all manner of cult conventions across the United States and once there attempted to become expert in the field and perform at the convention to try and pass as a true fan, with mixed successes.

Then came Justin’s biggest success, when he was asked to present ‘The Friday Night Project’ alongside comedian Alan Carr. Each week a different celebrity guest would co-host the show with Justin and Alan, competing in a range of games and challenges throughout the course of the evening.

Justin is also a keen charity worker and has been patron of, and helped raise a large amount of money for, the ‘Bristol Kids’ charity. The trial has met with fierce opposition amongst many members of his hometown and beyond, who do not believe the charges to be true, including his ex-wife who spoke at the trial of his incredible kindness and warmth.

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