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Fashionable and ceremonial headdresses and hair adornments have for millenniums been made from bird plumage. Feathers of all sizes, colors and shapes have also been used to make interesting hats and headbands. More often than not plumes were arranged on the head as fashion statements or to signify status. The demand for this form of embellishment has waxed and waned through centuries and today is more popular than ever and online buying of wholesale feather hair extensions has never been easier.

With this type of shopping being so user friendly people are finding that they can easily purchase whatever they may require for their trendy fashion accessories. Buying in bulk is cost saving and also allows people to accumulate a variety of decorative plumage for their own use and to give as presents to family and friends.

Manufacturers have taken note of what our feathered friends are wearing. The dazzling colorful plumage of birds is copied by manufactures nowadays with excellent results. Natural and artificial feathers are available in all styles and colors. Each new fashion trend is cater for.

These strips are sold in lengths varying from 4 to 14 inches. In the natural plumage range peacock, rooster, goose, duck and certain wild bird feathers are the most popular. These are made up in single strand, multi-strips and bundles either using a single variety or a mixture of various types of plumage. Plumage is sold either natural or dyed.

It is however in the synthetic feather-like extension range that manufacturers have allowed their imagination run riot. Splendid colors and futuristic designs to suit any taste and fashion requirement are the order of the day. Variegated coloring and printed designs adorn many strips on offer. These strands are often sold in mixed packs.

Adding either natural or synthetic strands to one’s hair is easy and can be done at home or at a beauty salon. The process entails securely attaching each strand to a section of hair at the roots. For excellent results people are advised to buy the best quality extensions they can afford. Life span of strands can be extended with careful storage and regular cleaning.

Accessories used to create homemade unique extensions such as clips, clip beads, links, hook needle threading tools and installation tools are now for sale. Suppliers also sell DIY kits that included plumes and all the tools required to construct strands. These kits cater for a wide range of budgets and tastes and can be ordered online.

Most suppliers now extensively use online systems to sell their wares. Their web pages are informative and filled with colorful displays of items for sale. The ordering process is easy to use and payment systems are secured. Many suppliers offer overnight shipping and once a person has made payment they can expect delivery to their doorstep within 24 hours. People now have the opportunity of accessing global markets for top quality wholesale feather hair extensions.

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