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An excellent way to stay in touch with what’s in and what’s out is a travel fashion blog. Here, you can keep up to date with the new ranges from the the world’s best designers. Also, check out what the top models are wearing off the catwalk.

The blog zips you around the world. It brings updates from all the top Fashion Weeks through all seasons and exposes what people are wearing. That means everything from haute couture, to pret a porter, to on the street in the world’s style capitals.

One of the most referenced cities for glamor over the last century is Paris. Just a walk through its avenues and boulevards is enough to inspire creativity. Showcase boutiques from the traditional houses are ubiquitous. The new wave have plenty to exhibit there too. In this city, the accessory rules. It’s where shoe and handbag designers thrive.

Milan is the undisputed design capital of one of the world’s most style-conscious countries. Seemingly the entire population is label crazy, providing a place for some of the great designers to start up and thrive. Men and women clamor to own a piece from a famous house. The locals’ tastes swing from highly classic to the highly daring. The women pay huge attention to detail, even for a stroll down to the shops.

Ever since the Sixties, London’s reputation for style has been on the up. The city had made huge strides since those early days in Carnaby Street. Many of the traditional names, associated with the aristocracy, are still around today. Yet the English capital was also home to the punk look, which can be found in some designs today. London is a capital of diversity and this can be seen on the runway and in the streets. Styles vary greatly between the old tweeds and the newest fabrics. It has a unique feeling.

New York has been reputed for American style since the 1920’s. It houses some of the key players in design and some of the most exquisite shops and department stores. One if its avenues is frequently referred to as Fashion Avenue. The local population has extremely diverse tastes, from the stylish suit perfectly accompanied by jewelry, to the most imaginative designs. The Big Apple has it all and inspires people all over the world.

Of course, no such journal would be complete without taking a look at some of the other inspirational places in the world. In Asia there’s Tokyo with it’s almost comic-book style and Bangkok’s exquisite silks. In Spain, Madrid has its classic looks with a modern touch, while Barcelona’s designers take inspiration from Catalan modernism. Rio inspires flamboyant designs with its reputation for beaches and carnival. Buenos Aires mixes Italian elegance, Spanish style and South American spirit. Los Angeles is inspired by the Hollywood glamor look.

Such a travel fashion blog can offer its followers the opportunity to see so many different trends. It highlights what is being shown at the to shows. Equally, it puts people on the pulse in different cities. Readers can look up their favorite creators as well as learn about tomorrow’s potential design superstars.

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