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Archive for May, 2010

What a lot of attention has greeted the Sony Bravia KDL40W5500! This 40 inch LCD TV (also known as the 40W5500U by Amazon) provides a wealth of the latest features – and, crucially, the best picture quality of its class.

Sony has been providing its recent Bravia ranges with ever more interesting features. Among the 40W5500 extras are a DNLA-enabled ethernet port for streaming media files from a connected PC and Sonys Net TV application called Applicast. This doesn’t give you comprehensive internet access, but it offers widgets such as calendars, clocks and a photo directory. The internet also enables the TV to download location maps to show you where any photos were taken (using a compatible GPS-enabled camera).

When it does work, a touch screen monitor is really useful. It is a device that has captured the imagination of young and old people at the same time. The touch screen is just another piece of hardware. While touch screen monitors look like the ordinary LCD monitors, they are loaded with many other extra features.

There are two main types of touch screens – one comes with a system add-on and the other is built into the system. Both are fairly inexpensive and offer to the user a phenomenal degree of navigability. Touch screens act as both output as well as input devices and by using a guided user interface or GUI they fuse monitor mouse and keyboard into a seamless device.

Most people love to watch movie. In order to catch a new film you are going to need to go to the cinema and this is often a great experience and spectacle. When a movie is released on DVD the best way to see it is to either go out and buy or rent the film, or is it? Not really anymore, as movie downloading now makes it possible to access movies quickly, off the internet, while you relax at home. Even if you are not so keen on watching a film on a small computer screen you can simply transfer the download onto your own DVD and then watch it on your big screen TV.

From being almost an unknown equipment, component video has now emerged as a leader due to its qualities of supporting progressive scan, providing high-definition resolution and being a typical format for output of all kinds of DVD Players. Thus Component video cable also has achieved significance and has become a necessity in every home having a home theater.

Recently Sony released two new high definition digital camcorders for the consumer market. This review will be comparing Sony HDR-CX550V and HDR-XR550V camcorders. Both cameras have some great features, with the main difference being the size of the memory, and the type of memory used by the cameras.

Where the two camcorders differ, and where most consumers look when considering purchasing a product, is the amount of memory. Both two Sony products, both have relatively large, expandable storage capacity. The HDR-XR550V is the big brother, holding a 240 gigabyte hard drive, which handles up to 100 hours of high definition recording. Using a flash memory format, the HDR-CX550V holds around 26 hours of video, with 64 gigabytes.

If you plan on purchasing a television sometime in the near future, then we are sure you do not want to purchase an “average” television. Do you? If you would like something that has many features to it and high quality picture all in one, then we believe you should look at that Sony Bravia KDL-32W5500. Why is this television so special? Well, that is a question we hear a lot lately, so we have decided to write a review on this television.

Sleeve tattoos, which have been used in tribal cultures for centuries, have become more mainstream in recent years. Most often found on the arms, sleeve tattoos cover the arm in the way that a shirt sleeve would, from wrist to shoulder. They can also be done on the legs.

As a rule, the designs of sleeve tattoos are intricate and cover, nearly completely, the skin on the arm normally covered by a shirt sleeve. Sleeve tattoos can also be done on the legs. Although these tattoos are traditionally more popular with men, a growing number of women are discovering this form of body art. These designs take patience and care.

All the amazing guys on our “Hot” list were drawn from magazine lists of “sexiest” men in the world. Not only are they all known for being “hot”… but they also all have Tattoos. So here they are… you choose who is the sexiest one!

Lenny Kravitz is so hot and sexy! He’s well known for the gorgeous dragon tattoo that covers his entire left shoulder, upper arm and much of the left side of his chest. In addition, he also has a fabulous cross and Arabic writing which can be seen on his other arm. Thislaid back guy is also a great musician and he is super sexy, sexy, sexy !