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Archive for October, 2009

Marketing is an essential part of any commercial business helping business owners attract more consumers inside their given niche. Without promoting, customers wouldn’t know where to go for the best services. Instead they would rely on word of mouth, which would limit them to finding services only in their general vicinity. Marketing allows for the power to reach patrons and services alike across the nation.

The Green Bay Packers didn’t do a good job protecting their quarterback last Sunday, but against the lowly Detroit Lions it didn’t really matter. Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times, but Green Bay used a big first half offensive outburst to coast to a 26-0 NFL victory over the Detroit Lions. Rodgers threw two first half touchdown passes which was complimented by four Mason Crosby field goals as Green Bay improved to 3-2 on the season. The Lions slumped to 1-5 with the loss.

This fall every Twilight fan will be anticipating the second installment of the Twilight movie series, New Moon. In the sequel not all is well between Bella Swan and her vampire lover Edward Cullen. Despite their victory over a group of vampires who wanted to kill Bella an incident at Edward’s home on her birthday convinces him that his world is too dangerous for her, so Edward abruptly leaves without a proper explanation. Deep in depression, Bella turns to her friend Jacob for comfort as she tries to move on. However, Edward’s intentions ironically backfire as Bella becomes aware of a special secret that Jacob and his tribe are hiding. If you are holding a New Moon party for Halloween or to celebrate the movie coming to theaters you will need some great New Moon party favors. Here are some great suggestions that you can use in your own event.

Washington Redskins head coach Jim Zorn is off of the hot seat-at least temporarily. After a recent swoon that saw him stripped of play calling duties for the NFL team, Zorn got a vote of confidence from upper management on Friday. His head isn’t entirely out of the noose, however, as the reprieve will last only to the end of the season unless some marked improvement is seen in the second half.

Executive Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato had the following statement:

“Jim Zorn is the head coach of the Washington Redskins and will be for the rest of this season, and hopefully into the future.”

If you run a busy practice as a dentist then you can make your business even more known by advertising online. This is one of the best mediums you can use to reach as many people as possible. The reasons include the fact that more folk are turning to the Net to get info. Thus, the web has become the most reliable platform to get exactly what you are looking for, and customers use it in this fashion. You can prepare a dentist SEO video to help target a good number of clients.

After a month long free agency soap opera, both Lamar Odom and the Los Angeles Lakers got what they really wanted all along. The Lakers retained the services of their valuable sixth man, and Odom will return to the team after an intense recruiting pitch from the Miami Heat. Odom officially signed his new contract with the NBA Champions and along with the addition of Ron Artest the Lakers may actually be stronger than last years title winning squad.

When you purchase an Xbox 360, you have sudden access to hundreds of titles with amazing graphics and audio, high-tech controllers, cables, and even free games. Many times the little extras thrown in along with with console make for a happy buyer. It goes without saying that you will also need a good television set, even one with high-def, in order to improve the Xbox 360 gaming experience.

The Minnesota Vikings’ decision to facilitate Brett Favre’s latest ‘unretirement’ is looking better and better with each passing week. This past Sunday, Favre’s charges moved to 6-0 on the season with a wild 33-31 victory over the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens posted 21 fourth quarter points to charge back and claim the lead late, but Favre led a rally to set up place kicker Ryan Longwell’s 31 yard game winning field goal.