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Archive for September, 2009

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by John Leonard

When new technology is released, we often need help in making a choice. LED televisions are very new technology and the reviews on the sets help you to decide if this is the set for you. After reading the reviews, you may decide you cannot live without one of these new sets, or that your older set will serve just fine. Good LED television reviews help to make satisfied customers.

Older LCD televisions were a vast improvement in size over picture tube or projection sets. They take up much less room. They are almost flat so floor space is freed up. Pictures are good, but could never rival a plasma television.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Ross Everett

LaDanian Tomlinson is still not fully recovered from a sprained right ankle, and as a result hell miss his second consecutive NFL regular season game this Sunday. Tomlinson was hurt in the San Diego Chargers season opening victory over the Oakland Raiders and didnt play last week. The Chargers are slated to host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon.

After playing in eight consecutive regular season games last year, the superstar running back has missed three of the Chargers last four games. Most significant was last January, when a groin injury kept LT out of the Chargers AFC playoff loss to the eventual Superbowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.


Traffic Geyser Review

by Rick Lomas

As far as video submission software companies go, Traffic Geyser is the main player. This technology is vastly improving as Traffic Geyser gleans more experience from tests and tracking and the constant development of their service. If you are using the new ‘Video Lead Page Generator’ system, youll see the relationship between the views you receive, traffic your videos generate and the number of leads you generate all in the same place.


Full HDTV Television

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by James Junior

Since the federal regulation of mandatory DTV (digital television) signal, the subject of full HDTV (full high definition television) has become a more popular topic of discussion and has become more of an interest to the public. With the digital changeover, now everyone has access to HDTV signal. However, an HDTV display is still necessary in order to view high definition no matter what type of signal you have (cable, antenna, or satellite).

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Evelyn Skymore

Who knew that some of the best of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives could be found right alongside the road? Some of these exceptional places could really be called shacks. While it is doubtful that the Food Network will rename the show to Diner, Drive-ins, Dives, and Shacks, it is truly surprising where they will end up next.

Diners, Driveins, and Dives Seattle, Washington covered an interesting little joint known as Bizzarro Italian Cafe. They weren’t kidding. From the picture featured on the menu to the ambiance to the food combinations, they were being serious when they named their cafe. However, don’t let that be a negative. It’s far from it. With interesting salads, and three simple meat choices, there is more to this establishment than meets the eye.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Chase Bromley

August twelfth, ’09 was a bright, sunny Wednesday morning in Canada. Because I worked at the Rogers Cup, I got access to the grounds and had specially requested Wednesday off so I could go see all the professionals’ warmups. It was really a rich schedule with the best ten competing during the day.

At 11 that morning, a friend and I headed over toward Court 4 where the world’s No.1, Roger Federer, was due to arrive at within 30 minutes. Already filled with about several hundred people, there was very little room to move.


Kanye West Is An Idiot

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Mindy Lansdale

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about or seen Kanye West jumping on the stage during this years MTV video awards in the middle of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Now I’m no fan of Taylor (or the MTV video awards for that matter), but really – it was her big moment. As a society, has all respect and decorum been forgotten about? Seems that way, after looking at the lyrics that Kanye uses in his songs. Having already done that myself, and felt dirty for hours afterwards by doing so, I really don’t think it’s that out of character for him.


Tennis Attire

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Gail Jones

If you already take part in tennis, then I imagine that you already know what tennis players wear, so this article is aimed at those individuals who would like to buy tennis kit for a loved one for a special occasion. After all, it is not as straightforward as it seems to obtain sports wear for the participant of a sport you understand nothing about.