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Archive for June, 2009


Xbox 360 Maintenance Tips

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Larry Moon

The Xbox 360 is quite an expensive system and the expenses don’t even include the individual games and accessories. But once you start playing your favorite games, you might have the tendency to forget just how expensive your Xbox 360 really is until it finally breaks down. A lot of the breakdown issues can be resolved if your system is still under warranty, but the time wasted may cost you some gaming experience. It becomes even worse when you have to spend money on repairs or possibly even replacing your system entirely.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Leonard Dawson

Bruce Jenner is most renowned to many as an Olympic hero. Jenner broke the world record for points when he won the decathlon, in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In a gesture that has since been emulated by many athletes, a bystander handed him a flag of America and he held it high as he ran his victory lap, cementing his place in the hearts of many viewers.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Leonard Dawson

It’s often a guessing game to try to determine what celebrities have had anything done, when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Even though most admit that everyone seems to be doing it, few celebrities will admit to having cosmetic procedures. Because of this, it is always a bit exciting when a celebrity publically reveals that they use cosmetic procedures to attain that perfect television persona.

Vanessa Williams, former pageant winner and singer and current co-star on the hit television series Ugly Betty recently admitted to journalist Barbara Walters that she frequently undergoes Botox injections. Williams calls the injections a miracle drug, marvelling at how impressive the results are without the need for cutting or surgery. She is quick to state that she loves the drug.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Gail Jones

Tennis psychology is only understanding the workings of your opponent’s mind, and assessing the effect of your own game on his/her head and also understanding the mental effects resulting from the various external causes on your own mind.

Nevertheless, it is also true that you no one can be a successful psychologist of others without first understanding his own mental processes. So, you have to study the effect on yourself of the same thing occurring under different conditions. This is because people react differently in different moods and under different circumstances.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Jackson Davids

Some people long for heroism. For some people, it is thrust upon them. This is the story of the protagonist of Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie. The film is about Paul Blart, the friendly mall cop who is suddenly face to face with a bunch of ruthless robbers. The main character is played by Kevin James of The King of Queens fame. He played the role of Doug Heffernan in that popular sitcom. Paul Blart falls for the lady in the hair extensions shop and Jayma Mays dons that role. He goes all out in order to impress her and make her his ladylove. He however falls flat on his face on his attempts to woo her. He is shown as a depressed man with no direction in his life. The bank robbery comes as a blessing in disguise for his show his caliber and win the heart of his flame.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Alexis Jameson

There are more than a few houses available on the market thanks to the great number of foreclosures that have nearly caused a housing saturation. Anyone who is aiming to buy a house has their pick and can name any reasonable price to make a purchase. Because it is a buyer’s market, using video promotion makes perfect sense. Real estate professional can make use of this spectacular tool to enhance their selling of homes.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Alexis Jameson

To grow and succeed there is one thing that every single business has in common. That is the need to have a stream of customers and orders. To get this marketing is crucial. A few years ago the only marketing options a business had were on paper on via the radio and TV. Right now, since the internet is everywhere video marketing is being used more and more.


DVD Cloning Software

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Vikki Bishop

LEGAL NOTICE – Many people have the misconception that cloning DVD’s is illegal. It is not. After you purchase the rights to a specific type of software or album it is yours to do whatever you want with. You can put it in your iPod, transfer it to your computer, back it up on another CD, etc; all these practices are legal. Sharing them over the Internet or the redistribution of them (especially for commercial sale) is what is illegal. So keep that in mind when you clone.