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Archive for May, 2009

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Chris Campbell

Ever been burned by paying too much for a product? Later to realize, that if only you had looked around a little bit you could have saved yourself a bunch of cash. It happens. I know I’ve done it before. Doesn’t matter, if it’s digital cameras, electric shavers, or goldfish. Having been over charged in the past is no guarantee it won’t happen in the future. But, with the biggest, baddest, boldest shopping tool at your disposable you can stack the odds in your favor. The best part of all is, it won’t cost you anything to use it.


Food Festival 2

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Ian Kleine

Early on, we had the fruits of summer, peach and strawberries; but this time, let’s have a look at a festival for one of the western old-time favorites: buffalo wings! In Buffalo, New York, the festival is nothing but pure consumption of these hot, spicy chicken treats.

By which according to last year’s statistics, almost 27 tons of chicken wings and sauce was consumed in the festival alone. Hoping that the town would break the record this year, they are inviting you, tourists, to join in the festivities. There’s an admission fee of five dollars per each adult though (what? You’d think it was free?)

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Matthias Bukem

The main contrast between just putting on some clothes and actually having that finished look is in the accessories. A simple scarf can change the entire look and feel of an outfit. This is because scarves are so versatile; add a colorful scarf to that simple grey suit and eggshell blouse for a look that goes from work to fun in an instant.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by E Walker

There’s old country. There’s new country. Then there are the Dixie Chicks.

Natalie Maines, Martie Seidel and Emily Robison have taken the Texas-bred sound of a fiddle, banjo, dobro and crystal-clear vocal harmonies into whole new territory. They are the rare act that comes along a few times in a generation that is destined to shake things up, rewrite the rules and become the new musical trendsetters.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Rick Amorey

Art can be expressed in many forms; there are the traditional mediums like painting and sculpting, while newer expressions like the animation arts are being enjoyed by today’s kids in television. I am a firm believer that both mediums are valid expressions of art, and that our children will develop better creative minds with a healthy dose of both.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Chris Campbell

When you’re looking at the specs of a DSLR camera, the list can be overwhelming, full of technical details and specifications. If you tried looking for reviews and ratings of digital cameras, you will feel very confused trying to make heads and tails of all the opinions that customers are sharing.

But if you do take the time and manage to sift through all that information, you will be able to make the best choice.

What exactly is the difference between a SLR and other digital cameras? Why are you looking to buy a SLR and not a compact or a subcompact? You should ask yourself these questions before you spend the money.

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Rick Amorey

This past weekend, I’ve had the great pleasure to work with the 35th Representative District Democratic Committee over at the Apple-Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville. There were a large group of volunteers that were hard at work; together with them, we handed out campaign stickers and apples, balloons and Delaware yard signs. The demand for the latter was so high, that we could barely put them together to meet demand!

'font-style:italic;' class='tvbyline'>by Chris Campbell

So, what’s your budget for a digital camera? That’s one of the first questions a salesman will ask, when they catch you skulking around their shop trying to inconspicuously check out their lineup of digital cameras. It’s a hard question for many consumers to answer, when you’ve never priced digital cameras before. Digital camera prices vary widely, depending primarily on quality and functionality.